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Pain Solutions & Physical Therapy, Inc. - Contact Information
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Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Life can be so complicated when any part of your body is not functioning well.  It feels like you are walking in someone else's body, so much so that you need to relearn how everything works.   Being reliant on friends, loved ones and family members is hard both on you and the people who take care of you.   Make no mistake - physical therapy isn't exactly a picnic either.  It could be, if you have professionals who are with you every step of the way.   Dedicated staff members who care enough to not let you quit on yourself on your tortuous road to self recovery.

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The journey of self healing can be difficult and arduous, but with the professional assistance of Pain Solutions & Physical Therapy, Inc. you are on the right path to self recovery.  Our dedicated staff members work one-on-one with adults and seniors to restore independence and the ability to complete day-to-day activities.

We at Pain Solutions & Physical Therapy, Inc. are committed to providing excellent communication within the healthcare delivery system.  Due to the time-sensitive manner of our clients' needs, we understand the importance of fostering open discussions around healthcare coverage and referrals in cases that exceed the scope of our services.

So, if you want professional care that covers all the bases, with dedicated staff that will make sure you get the programs you need to get better, then Pain Solutions & Physical Therapy, Inc. is the company you are looking for.  Contact us now for more information.

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